Credit Cards in Pakistan

Credit Card Offers

With advancement in the financial sector, credit cards in Pakistan are becoming popular amongst consumers. Plastic money is now preferred over carrying cash in one’s pocket. Credit cards are classified as unsecured lending products, where a bank provides a limit to a customer against no form of collateral and further provides a cushion on the repayment period. Credit Cards are now widely accepted at all retail outlets, restaurants and are even applicable for online shopping. Both VISA and MasterCard services are available in Pakistan.

Credit Card is not only something that you can use as plastic money in the country, but it is also ideal to carry while traveling outside Pakistan. Both, MasterCard and Visa, are accepted worldwide and could save you a lot of hassle. Most Credit Card companies also offer different reward programs as well. These reward programs could be in the form of cash backreward points, or air miles. Cash back results in immediate savings while reward points could be used to shop for different items from the company catalogue. Air Miles could be redeemed with a specified Airline.

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